Granting a Better Community through the

Grand Forks Parks & Recreation Foundation

The Grand Forks Parks and Recreation Foundation is always looking for additional revenue sources to enhance parks and recreation programs, services and events.

When searching for viable funds, we tend to look at the following six types of organizations for possible funding.

  • Businesses: local stores and private businesses, banks, utilities, etc.
  • Clubs and Associations: local civic and service clubs, professional/trade associations, and fraternal organizations, etc.
  • Corporations: foundations, direct giving, executive discretionary funds, subsidiary or local site giving, in-kind gifts such as marketing support, research and development activities, or products needed
  • Foundations: private, company-sponsored, community, and operating
  • Government entities: local city governments, federal/national, state, and county agencies
  • Religious organizations: national denominations, grants-makers (primary support), institutions for which support is secondary to their missions
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